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About Us

Welcome to Winfocus, where we concentrate on doing all the work you’d probably prefer not to! Winfocus is a well established e-services company providing a range of high quality value-added IT-enabled services that help to take the strain out of our clients businesses. We have spent over 18 years serving clients across USA, UK, Europe and Australia.



Get typed, formatted and ready to use documents in the shortest turnaround times.

Electronic Document Management

We manage, convert, index, and backup all information assets of organization electronically.

Back Office Operations

We can be your offshore back office, providing virtual extension for all basic management functions.

Data Digitisation

Take a document, scan and digitise it. Do the same to as many more documents as you want.

Why customers choose us

Solutions for smarter and faster work

We help businesses of all sizes save significantly on their costs through our efficient outsourced services. We bring to our clients time saving through our quick turnaround times that accomplish your back-office tasks in the quickest time possible. Our clients rely on us a trusted business partner, and we in turn endeavour to always exceed their expectations.

Value added services

All our services aim to exceed your expectations. For example, for legal professionals, we understand the value of time, and therefore we go beyond normal voice to text transcription and also format, proof read, template, and document, truly adding value to our clients. We believe in providing a complete solution to our customers furnishing them with finished ready-to-use products.

Highly skilled and experienced professionals

With 18 years of uncompromised quality and confidentiality you can trust our service and our professionals to provide top notch quality solutions, completed on time and accurate! We take pride in providing all our clients with the best service quality and deploy our extensive expertise, experience, and resources for this.

Complete confidentiality and security

We are unswerving to the highest standards of information security, client confidentiality, and trust. In fact, we are an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company – industry leading standards for data security and quality. We assure that your data is always taken care of with the greatest security and integrity.

More Services


Data requirements increase with an organisation's growth. We assist you with tech savvy, fast, accurate, reliable, cost-effective data entry services.


We can customise and automate any process. We develop, install, train, maintain and assist on an ongoing basis.


Reputation and image are everything, and, above all its first impression that counts.


You can send us scans / dictated audio / hand-written notes / photographs