Finance & Accounts Back Office

Our back-office services in Finance & Accounts help you streamline, re-engineer and speedup the accounting process.

We record your financial transactions using a software package of your choice. We are seamlessly integrated with your system as we adopt your existing system setup and accounting policies and practices, causing minimal work disruption.

Services include:

  • Book keeping: Record of day to day transactions
  • Accounts receivable management:
    • Invoice preparation: Draft invoice is prepared on client’s accounting software
    • Record and account for revenue
    • Maintaining subsidiary receivable ledger
    • Monitoring and chasing receivables
    • MIS generation
  • Accounts payable management:
    • PO generation and mailing after approval
    • Goods/service receipt data capture
    • Invoice three way matching
    • Processing of vendor invoices as per stipulated policies
    • Cash flow / cash requirement reports basis POs raised
    • Invoice payout record
  • Customer credit management:
    • Customer information collection, master creation and updation
    • Initiating chase letters for overdue invoices as per stipulated policies
    • Ageing analysis
  • Accounts reconciliation: Periodically as per requirement
  • Preparation of Financial Statements including General Ledger, Expenses Ledger, Fixed Assets Register, Trial Balance, P&L statement, Balance sheet and Cash Flow statement
    Step 1:
  • Client decides on their detailed requirement and desired outcomes, reports and documents
    • Secure internal buy-in from fellow stake holders
    • Share finalised requirements with WinFocus
    • Appoint a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to coordinate the transition
    Step 2:
  • Meeting between client, and WinFocus team to
    • Understand the detailed brief and discuss operational matters
    • Agree upon technology interfaces and data transfer protocols. Protocol options include :
      1. Offline: Client scans all documents and uploads to a secure server. Records are updated by the WinFocus team. Client will have access to updated information as and when called for
      2. Remote access: Source documents are emailed to WinFocus or uploaded to a secure server. The client provides remote access to WinFocus. Team WinFocus updates the books and generates the necessary MIS for other linked tasks. Client will have access to updated information in real time
    • Firm up Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Enter into confidentiality contract
    • Set up secure access where required
    Step 3:
  • Handover period, usually 2 - 4 weeks
    • Trial run starts at WinFocus on an offline basis
    • Client continues maintaining books as usual
    Step 4:
  • Finance & Accounts back office operations transitioned to WinFocus (after satisfactory trial operations)
    • Books are no longer maintained in parallel at clients’ end
    • Team WinFocus shifts to remote access protocol, if applicable
    • Books reviewed at regular intervals by client SPOC / CFO