Letting Back Office

Our back office service effectively provides you with 24 x 7 supports, without your having to operate a graveyard shift. This outsourcing converts your fixed costs into need based variable costs and avoids capital commitment at your end. We reallocate many documentation tasks to specialised teams, freeing up your support staff to focus on greater value addition tasks

Services include:

  • Property management
  • Landlord – tenant liaison
  • Contract drafting and reviews
  • Maintaining rent collection records
  • Rent reviews
  • Accounting and bank reconciliation
  • Handling maintenance queries
  • Contractor liaising
  • Managing critical safety certification obligations
    Step 1:
  • Client decides on their detailed requirement and desired outcomes, reports and documents, finalised requirements shared with WinFocus
  • Step 2:
  • Client shares information on approved contractors/ vendors by geography, standard practices etc to set up the property management protocol
  • Step 3:
  • Client grants WinFocus password / biometrics controlled remote access to their system