Winfocus | Transcription
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Got a speech or a lecture you want transcribed? Or a TV show? From complex legal records to every day dictation of reports, we can transcribe it. Just send us an audio file from your computer (we can help you set this up if required) and we’ll send you back beautifully presented, textually faultless documents.

For secured transaction audio files can be sent to us as an encrypted email or simply by saving in a secure remote folder. We’ll download the audio file, transcribe it to the desired format and send it back to you, correct, within your time frame and with a guarantee of complete confidentiality.

We’ve discovered that by using our transcription service clients not only save up to 60% in costs but also often get their work completed far faster than they could have done themselves. One client in the USA regularly sends us audio documents last thing at night, to find the completed document waiting for him when he gets into the office next morning.