Support staff away on holiday? Don’t worry, we’re here!

Support staff away on holiday? Don’t worry, we’re here!

As all professions, the legal profession has changed dramatically with the advent of new technologies. There is an advance in proficient technologies such as case management systems, document management, Word, Excel as well as a host of other applications which make work faster and easier. However, even for someone very technically adept, it would be difficult to master that many applications without a significant amount of focused time and effort.

Support staff help unburden solicitors from these time-consuming yet unavoidable tasks. Support staff which includes paralegals, legal secretaries etc. are core in helping solicitors save time and costs while using these technologies.

But what happens when your support staff goes on their annual holiday?

Three possibiliites:
Either the quantum of work done reduces, OR
Work piles up for post-holiday period, OR
The ancillary tasks have to be performed by the solicitor themselves.

In such cases, having a readily available virtual back-office and tech-support team for your law practice is a cost saving and enhanced efficiency that is difficult to neglect.

According to a study conducted at the University of Minnesota,

“Results show that when peripheral tasks interrupt the execution of primary tasks, users require from 3% to 27% more time to complete the tasks, commit twice the number of errors across tasks, experience from 31% to 106% more annoyance, and experience twice the increase in anxiety than when those same peripheral tasks are presented at the boundary between primary tasks.”

During vacation season when normal office staff is away on annual leaves, solicitors may find themselves busy with some last minute file completion or finalising of sale/purchase.  The situation can be managed by using support from a specialised legal support company. Companies with different time zones are one of the better options to look up at – they continue working even while you rest.

Your holidays can be a sorted one with an outsource team working while you are actually enjoying.

You may also wish to consider the following:

  • The cost of outsourcing.
  • The wide array of tasks that you can delegate if you had a competent team.
  • The additional productivity you can get if someone else is looking out for you and handling some of those interruptions.
  • The happiness of your clients while speaking to a real human when they call.
  • Clients getting immediate update on the status of their case.
  • More time to you to focus on more valuable and billable work.
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    A genuine problem and well tackled. Will soon get in touch to know how you can be a help. Nice post

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    E-support has a lot of scope…You can be a real help…

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