Winfocus | Your Latest Legal Tech Review – 2
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Your Latest Legal Tech Review – 2

Your Latest Legal Tech Review – 2

AbacusLaw Practice Management Software

Welcome to the second letter in our 16-part series of legal technology reviews.
As technology simplifies our workplaces, we bring you the details of various legal technology softwares.
Last week we discussed Proclaim Practice Management Software. This week, we are reviewing AbacusLaw Practice Management Software.
AbacusLaw helps automate and expedite workflows and streamline communication to increase efficiency.Some Features:


Create new client and matters, auto-fill documents and court forms, automate the scheduling of deadlines and case events with the built-in workflow engine.



A unified dashboard to make access easier. Documents and communications available on a single platform. Enable data to be on your fingertips, including other party details, co-debtor and trustee details.



Powerful time-tracking, combines calendars (both legal and non-legal), accounting and legal / case management on to one platform. All the users can use the same calendar. Synchronises with Google calendar to be available on-the-go.



Allows billing to be done from anywhere. Billing can be done either one at a time or in bulk with options of hourly, fixed fee, e-billing, task-based billing, contingency billing or even split billing. Reduces the risk of error by providing the billing status at your fingertips.



1. Data migration can be an issue depending on data source and may require higher expertise.
2. Customisation of queries, forms, and reports requires ongoing customer support.
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