Winfocus | Your Latest Legal Tech Review – 5
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Your Latest Legal Tech Review – 5

Your Latest Legal Tech Review – 5

Worldox Document Management

Welcome to the fifth letter in our 16-part series of legal technology reviews.
This time we discuss Worldox Document Management. Used by over 5000 organisations, it reduces operating cost and increases efficiency.
Unlike Proclaim and Abacus (our 1st and 2nd letter of the 16-part series), Worldox comes with a multitasking interface, zero download technology which gives quick access to large PDF files and one-click save option.Worldox’s variety of features include:

Document Management

Inbuilt feature that logs a document’s history and allows audit and tracing of user actions on the document. Allows retrieval of previous document versions. Access can be given to specific staff members for collaboration. Document content can be viewed even if the user does not have the program used in creating the document.


Documents can be categorised under different folders depending on their functionality or whom they are addressed to for easy retrieval of data. The software provides library service options to organise and improve cataloguing, retrieval and saving of files. Storage is automatically prioritised based on frequently used documents.


Document security tools to control user access and permissions.


Worldox is not case/matter-centric, and although it can categorise the documents into projects or folders, it does have the capability to assign case types, clients, open/closed status and more.



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